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Meet Dr. Andrew Adamski

Training and Education

Dr. Andrew Adamski

Burlington Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Adamski

After returning from working overseas in Melbourne, Australia Dr Andrew brings 15 yrs of owning and running his own successful office. He specializes in seeing Families, Mothers, Kids and Seniors . He is proficient in Activator instrument adjusting which uses a gentle and effective technique that is based on leg length analysis. He graduated from University of Waterloo in Science and went on to National College to complete his Chiropractic Degree in Chicago.

Personal Approach

Dr. Andrew believes in a holistic approach to better health, starting with the foundation of a healthy nervous system. His focus on better nutrition and living with the absence of medication is evident in his lifestyle both in and out of work. He values a healthy lifestyle where there is direction, purpose and inspiration towards better living.

Dr. Andrew is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and now lives in Burlington, Ontario with his family. He was originally raised in Toronto.